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Case Study

Wearable IoT UX Design

The Client Needed Help with: Visualizing the Idea
What We Did: Wearable Tech Research, Interviews, Personas, App Design, Logo Design, Product Design, IoT UX Design
Target Audiences: Parents, People with Health Issues (Like Seizures) that Increase Drowning Risk, Teens and Adults without a Water Buddy

App Interaction Design

App Screen Indicating a Swimmer In Distress
  1. Call Help
    Quick access to call 911 or other local emergency services.
  2. Crowdsourcing GPS
    Anyone with the app can see where people wearing the device are located (blue dots).
  3. Breathing Alerts
    Everyone with the app is alerted when someone stops breathing (red dots with arrow pointing in direction of movement).
  4. Swim-Shirt Device Sync
    Identify people wearing shirts you’ve synced with your smart phone (green dots). Proximity alerts tell you when they’ve moved beyond a set distance.
  5. Simplified User Interface
    Edit buttons show/hide to prioritize map view space.
    Fewer buttons makes it easier to focus on what matters during an alert.
  6. Edit Alerts and Edit View
    Breathing is reported to all app users by default. All other alerts and what you view (blue, red, green dots) are customizable.

Rash Guard with Wearable Sensors Concept Design

Gillo2 Rash Guard Top Front and Back Depicting Wearable Sensor Bands
  1. Slim Elastic Sensor Band
    More elasticity around trunk of swim shirt lets sensors get better readings. Sensor band is not actually visible.
  2. Vitals Sensor with GPS Connectivity
    Facing sky for better signal.

(Shirt prototype design by Frog’s Rash Guard)

Wi-Fi Charger Concept Design

Wi-Fi Hanger Charger Shown in Foreground. Gillo2 Rash Guard Top also Shown on Charging Hanger.

Hang to charge. Data from last use is uploaded to the hanger hub (connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network) and sent over the Internet to the Gillo2 cloud for processing. Cloud data is then sent to the reporting app on your smart phone.

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