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Case Study

Complete Design Rethink

The Client Needed Help With: A Network Connectivity Application
What We Did: Interaction Design, Wireframe Prototypes, Brand and Style Compliance
Target Audience: Students
All on one page you can: Expand to see info for all devices. Delete devices you don't need. Open a form to add new device. Register a new device.

The 3 pages above represent a single page in various states: All on one page, people can (1) expand to see info for individual devices, (2) delete devices they don’t need, (3) open a form to add new devices, and (4) register new devices.

The Challenge

Students were struggling to manage devices on the network, and confused about their personal responsibilities because service information was scattered over too many jargon heavy and hard to understand pages.

The Solution

We consolidated service information onto one page (pictured left), personalized the experience to each user, and eliminated jargon to:

Create a user interface that answered student questions by providing clear context and easy flow.

Empower users to fix network connectivity issues on their own, thereby reducing both help desk calls and support ticket submissions.

Added Value

  • We reduced the number of things students needed to remember, find, or figure out by consolidating many pages of complex information to a single, easy-to-use page.
  • We simplified workflow to reduce time on task and improve user success rates.
  • We freed up the developers to focus on their specialty—programming.

Let's Work Together

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Bring us in early. We can evaluate everything from rough proof of concept sketches to completely branded designs (including information architecture drafts in Excel, paper prototypes, wireframes, clickable prototypes, visual comps, high-fidelity prototypes, and live websites or apps).