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Case Study

Process Flow Diagram Development

The Client Needed Help with: Sketching a Picture of Their Vision
What We Did: Translated Written Requirements Into a Visual Document
Target Audience: IT Staff Workgroup
Knowledge Management Content Flow Graphic

The Challenge

Pages of requirements for a knowledge base being developed were proving too complicated to be useful.

Conversations among stakeholders were circular and frustrating.

The Solution

We created a comprehensive graphic that showed the content flow based on project requirements, so that people could point at things and discuss them to reach consensus and make progress on the project. Having process flow visuals made it possible to:

Onboard employees to the project and get them up to speed faster.

Identify and understand individual roles and responsibilities.


Recognize existing limitations, eliminate redundancies, and plan for future capabilities.

What is a knowledge base?

A knowledge base is just a repository of information that is collaboratively collected, organized, shared, searched, and used. Ideally, it will reduce support calls by providing an easy-to-use self-service experience.

Knowledge bases can act as a resource for both customers and support representatives. They should offer options for both people who prefer to search and people who prefer to follow an information scent (those who follow labels).

Knowledge bases may house product or service articles, answers to frequently asked questions, detailed procedures and tutorials, video and images to help visual learners, and links to useful resources.

Knowledge bases should:

  • Have a clear purpose or goal
  • Easily and effectively provide the knowledge that is intended to be delivered
  • Include a back-end database and a friendly front-end user interface
  • Have an administrative interface that helps automate content capture and integration
  • Include solutions for organizing, planning, and monitoring work flow
  • Help manage content life-cycle
  • Provide an easy way to categorize related content
  • Allow for document storage and multi-media integration

Let's Work Together

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