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Case Study

New Application Development

The Client Needed Help with: A Virtual PC Subscription Application
What We Did: Interaction Design, Mobile and Desktop Wireframe Prototypes, Usability Testing, Brand Compliance
Target Audience: College Technical Support Staff
Virtual Desktop Interface Collage Images with Color and Font Guide

High-fidelity wireframe prototypes, pictured above, for desktop and mobile layouts gave the developer a clear goal for what to create.

The Challenge

University IT Virtual Desktop staff were spending too many work hours managing subscriptions for the online service.

The Solution

We worked with the Virtual Desktop manager and an independent developer to create a self-service subscription management application that allows department technical support to:

Create, change preferences for, and delete individual and group accounts.


Customize account preferences for operating system, storage, applications, and special features.

Set up automatic monthly payments with department billing codes.

Added Value

  • We improved usability before code development to avoid rework and ensure a better first impression when the service was launched.
  • We simplified workflow to increase staff morale, satisfaction, and productivity.
  • We advocated for a responsive layout that staff could use easily on mobile or desktop to account for various work styles and scenarios.

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