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Case Study

Mobile App Design

The Client Needed Help with: Developing and Designing a Campus Activities App
What We Did: Personas, Interaction Design, Wireframes, Usability Testing, High-Fidelity Prototypes, Visual Design
Target Audience: Students (Primary), Faculty, and Staff
Prototype of campus activities app

The Challenge

The university community needed a central app to post information about activities, alerts, and events on campus. Redundant and sometimes conflicting messages were making it difficult for people to find information about topics of interest. Having to post information in multiple places wasted valuable staff time. Students wanted an app to share event information without flyers.

The Solution

Foster a sense of community and inclusion among students, faculty, and staff by creating an easy-to-use application to deliver all information about activities, alerts, and events on campus. Develop a moderated back-end interface where any campus member can post event information to be approved by any person within a group of administrators.


Events Screen Image

App home view. Custom and additional category options can be added. HTU logo returns user to this view. On tapping Events, user advances to MAP view.

Responsive Map Screen Image

MAP view. All campus events are displayed on the map using their representative icon from the main menu (balloon for events). On tapping LIST, user advances to LIST view.

Event Details List Image

LIST view. All campus events are displayed in list format, by order of event date. Events where user has RSVP’d have the thumbs-up icon next to them. On tapping the Ice Cream Social event, user advances to the Event Details view.

Ice Cream Social Event Details Image

Event Details view. Event specific information is displayed. On tapping RSVP, user user is added to number of attendees. On tapping MAP, user returns to map view with only this one event displayed.

Responsive Map with Directions Overlay Applied Image

MAP view for single event. GPS traces route to event from current location. Search box doubles as placeholder for name of event displayed. On tapping ALL, filter list opens.

Audience Filters Screen Image

Filter list. Enhanced filtering option. Filter categories can be customized. On tapping Alumni > Done, map displays only events for alumni.

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