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Case Study

Audience Research

The Client Needed Help with: Central IT Communications
What We Did: Focus Groups, Interviews, Services Review, and Website Evaluation
Target Audience: Campus IT Support, Faculty, Staff, and Students
Clients Sitting at Table During Zoom Video Conference with HiTech Essentials Team

The Challenge

People at the university were expressing frustration that central IT wasn’t communicating in an effective or timely manner.

The Solution

We conducted interviews with key IT stakeholders, evaluated the existing website, and held focus groups with students, faculty, campus staff, and department IT support staff to:

  • Provide an anonymous and safe environment where people could honestly voice their observations, concerns, and complaints, without fear of reprisal or judgment.
  • Identify what parts of the existing communication strategy were and were not working.
  • Discover what was causing the communications breakdown, and determine what existing capabilities the IT department had that could address these gaps.

The Online Focus Group Invitation

Added Value

We developed a clear roadmap with benchmark goals, clear return on investment, and ties to the university mission.

We encouraged inclusiveness within the university community, stewardship of the IT service mission, and participation in the problem solving process.

We proposed changes to help empower employees, equalize divisions of labor, and foster multiple communication channels across campus.

Technology can do almost anything, but is it the right thing? Technology almost always has a solution, but is it the right solution? The value of HiTech Essentials is that Shaley helps make sure it’s the right solution presented in the best way to meet the needs of the people who will use it.

Steve Smith

Vice Provost & Chief Information Technology Officer, University of Nevada at Reno

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