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Webinar: ROI for UX in Higher-Ed IT

Watch the PowerPoint presentation, and meet Shaley DeGiorgio, principal at HiTech Essentials.


Shaley DeGiorgio

Presentation by Shaley DeGiorgio, HiTech Essentials, Principal

  • What good UX looks like
  • Why UX matters
  • Who is responsible for UX
  • Why UX isn’t addressed
  • Why UX shouldn’t be an all-or-nothing proposition

This event is customized for higher-ed IT organizations.

Make user experience a priority for higher-ed IT services to improve:
  • Perceptions of IT across campus
  • Quality and management of IT services
Doing so means:
  • Better ROI for services
  • Service portfolio informed by and responsive to evolving campus IT needs
  • Balanced funding for IT
  • Happier users and IT staff across campus