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Almost everyone feels uncomfortable when trying something like video chat or screen sharing for the first time. Not knowing whether you will be able to see a client, or if you’ll be able to share an important document on screen are valid concerns, but you can’t let these challenges be an obstacle to your success.

We, Shaley and Sebastian DeGiorgio, could not do our jobs (living in Hawaii and working with clients across the continental United States) without online applications. In fact, we wouldn’t be ½ as good at our jobs, if we weren’t great at exploring, selecting, and leveraging online applications for a more productive work life. Our passion is empowering people with technology, and we can’t wait to share all of our know-how with you.

What’s coming in the tech guide:

  • How to use online apps to make it feel like your team and clients are right next to you, even when they’re miles away.
  • How to use online apps to reduce stress and memory fatigue caused by common tasks, so that you can focus on high priority work.
  • How to overcome common obstacles like camera shyness, itty bitty text when sharing your screen with others, and audio reverb interruptions during meetings.
  • And lots, lots more!

All of our examples will work for both tech-savvy people and novices. In fact, one of our primary goals for this guide is to help people who feel like they are “not techie” to overcome inhibitions and thrive in this new and wonderful technological age. Shaley learned how to type on a manual typewriter, and Sebastian considers himself a hunt-and-peck aficionado, but we never let the fact that we grew up pre-Internet stop us. If you also grew up in the good old days of Atari and Betamax, neither should you!

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