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Sketching interfaces for different devices

Content Development

As passionate advocates for your customers, we can help develop your organization’s print and digital experiences. See our Design and Illustration Projects Portfolio.

  • Use online focus groups, surveys, web statistics, e-mail, etc., to elicit feedback and improve digital content and organization.
  • Meet with staff, customer representatives, and/or vendors to develop internal and external communications and documentation.
  • Create documentation in a variety of media, including procedures, video training modules, how-to guides, and instruction manuals.
  • Offer technical and design direction on product announcements, marketing brochures, advertisements, and marketing specifications.
  • Prepare supportive infographics, charts, graphs, or forms to accompany written material.
  • Consult with internal parties and subject matter experts to validate content.
  • Adjust copy as necessary and proofread for grammar and spelling.
  • Provide updates and different editions as necessary and as content changes.

Hourly Training and Consulting Sessions Available

Stuck on a project? We can meet online to help you get started again. Get help with writing, design, or UX.

Small-Business Websites

We build mobile-ready websites that professionally represent your brand and help your customers easily find the information they want.

  1. You provide background information including goals, target audience, and any concerns.
  2. We conduct a detailed analysis of your website to identify strengths and weaknesses, then deliver a recommended solution for improving user experience and meeting business goals.
  3. With your input, we develop and publish your new mobile-ready website design, including any agreed upon content changes.

I’ve had the good fortune to work with Shaley on a long-term project at Cornell University and am here to say that she has made this experience an excellent one. A project such as the one we worked on bring many kinds of people with different strengths together and it can be a challenge to bridge those strengths. Shaley’s understanding of how people think has proven again and again to be just that bridge. She is uniquely gifted in being able to straddle the world of highly technical experts and that of nonspecialists so the two can communicate effectively and develop meaningful, productive results. I highly recommend HiTech Essentials.

Carla DeMello

Graphic Designer, Cornell University Library

I worked with Shaley closely during my tenure at Cornell. We initially started worked together while she was on campus but she continued to support us after moving to Hawaii. Both while she was on campus and while working remotely, Shaley took all the steps necessary to deeply understand our goals, helped clearly identify detailed requirements, and aided immeasurably in the delivery of many IT projects. I found her highly articulate, precise, collaborative, and in constant pursuit toward very high standards. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Shaley again.

Steve Schuster

Former Associate CIO, Cornell University

I have worked with Shaley for more than two years on dynamic enterprise communications and complex user experience issues. She consistently understands the core issues, translates technical information seamlessly and delivers products that not only exceed our high expectations, but also get exceptional results. I can’t imagine tackling these challenging issues without her!

Rob Bandler

Manager of Security Engineering, Cornell University